Thoughts on Gratitude

Finn: Grateful for a Good Nap
Hi folks. I’ve let the blog languish for the usual couple of weeks without any new posts, which is becoming a trend. I’m a person that has to ruminate on a thought for a great amount of time before I’m ready to put it out for the rest of the world, so that kind of explains it. And of course the other reason I haven’t posted anything in so long is because I’m just constantly, inevitably, overwhelmingly busy. Maybe if I was faster and could run more than 12 or so miles in two hours, I’d have more time write. I’ll work on that.
There’s a little topic that’s been whirling around my brain for about the last three months, and I think it’s finally time to let it out. That topic is a simple emotion that many of us often feel, but maybe you, like me, have a hard time knowing how to express it. That feeling is gratitude. Make that Gratitude, with a capital G.
I admit that when Mr. Universally Talented proposed the idea of moving to Boulder a little over a year ago that I was both reticent and skeptical of the idea. Eugene is / was home, is / was comfortable, and is / was rather dull (after almost twenty years). The idea of moving to a new place, with a reputation such as Boulder has, was hard to swallow due to the myriad unknowns. Where would we live? What would job prospects look like? How would we adjust with the leaving behind of so many friends? You know, just those little things.
But I have to say, moving here has been like stepping through a doorway into a party where you’re the guest of honor. I have met some of the most warm and caring people in the world, been welcomed by some truly amazing opportunities, and yes, even have had some of the most gratifying writing experiences a girl could wish for. In the eleven months since moving to Boulder, I’ve gone from having one finished novel, to two, and from being an unpublished writer, to a published one. This has been a dream of mine for years, and it’s finally come true. It has been absolutely grand.
For all of these things, I am utterly grateful. There is something particularly sweet about jumping off a ledge, giving up all comforts and stability, and letting the universe decide whether to let you fall or to catch you. When it catches you, it makes you realize how very, very lucky and privileged you are. And it also makes you want to share what it’s like to feel that good.
If gratitude were a color it would be mint green. If it were a flavor it would be praline ice cream. If it were a smell, it would be peaty Islay scotch. It’s one of those emotions that is totally freeing, that makes you feel as if you could run a marathon with winged feet and carry everyone you love along with you. Gratitude is encompassing, warm, sweet and wonderful. It is a joy so compelling that you want to spread it around and do good things for others so they can experience the same happiness. Gratitude is something to share.
So, forgive the sappy post, but I wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on out here in these yonder parts. I hope that maybe sharing some of my good news will be an invitation to everyone to share some of their own. Tell me about the good things in your lives, from joys experienced with friends and loved ones, to even the simple comforts, like chocolate and a tasty bottle of wine.
Speaking of chocolate and wine–I think it’s time for some Lindt Chili Chocolate bar (which really compliments a good Merlot).
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