USA Pro Cycling Challenge Turns Simple Girl Into Blithering Fan-girl

The Boss

Holy Awesome Cycling Race, what a week it’s been! Since last Sunday, Colorado has turned into one of the finest cycling destinations in the world. The new USA Pro Cycling Challenge (aka the Sandwich Race) has drawn two of the finest things about sports to this little mountain state: some of the greatest athletes in the world and even more of the greatest fans in the world. Sure, some people get a little out of control and tend to piss off the riders, but these guys are not without their defenses. Watch this video carefully as Team Radio Shack rider comes over Swan Mountain during Stage 5.

Us simple Rocky Mountain High-ers were favored by the appearance of such greats as this year’s winner of Le Tour de France, Cadel Evans, whose massive jaw was also invited despite the team having to reserve it it’s own seat on the international flight over; second and third place runners up of the Tour, Andy and Fränk Schleck, aka the Wonder Twins, aka Frandy; Jens Voigt, the hardest man in cycling; and of course, Levi Leipheimer, he of the diminutive stature but massive mountain-, time trial-, and overall road-crushing skills. Team Garmin-Cervelo knocked it out of the park with their fantastic team strategy, and many other amazing riders displayed their grit, endurance, and pure ferocity in the blistering heat and altitude that is a Colorado summer.

Needless to say, I had to extend my own deadline for allowed cycle race watching this year just to catch this inaugural event. The race’s details can all be found at any cycling site you choose, but the real highlight–I think anyone who was there can agree–was seeing part of this race in person.

A few pics to commemorate the occasion (mostly taken by Mr. Universally Talented and Prepared, as not only did three of my camera batteries die, but also my iPhone).

Undie Guy: A Fan

Gobernacion’s Alejandro Ramirez

Le Peloton

Levi and Peloton

HTC’s Lachlan Norris

HTC’s Peter Velits

BMC’s Hincapie and Brookwalter and Peloton
Rabobank’s Ten Dam

My nerdy signs
And for the icing on the cake, I leave you with the best cycling fan video ever made.

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