The How-To Post of All How-To Posts (for Writing)

ManuscriptWas that title a little hard to wrap your mind around? I know it was for me. How often is it you have a sentence fragment where almost every word has an “o” in it? Forgive me, lapsing into alliterative nirvana…

I’ve had a massively wonderful week for a variety of reasons that would just bore you all to tears if I went into the deets. Suffice it to say that the relevant bit is that I’ve had plenty of time to finally catch up on some of the great writing resources out there and reinvigorate my brain meats with inspiring information about how to write a darn good story. For you dear readers, a short mashup of some of the greatest “how to” posts of the week.

And  a tip of the glass to you in manatees-on-‘roids-sized hope that these bits reinvigorate and inspire you as much as they have me, and the next couple of weeks lead to amazing new writing success for us all!

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