New Release: The Boy by Madhuri Blaylock

By | May 5, 2014

Greets Bloggorati! It is a month of new release announcements by some of my favorite Twitter friends who lead not-so-secret lives as speculative/science fiction and fantasy novelists, and I have another juicy one to tell you about today. Please welcome author Madhuri Blaylock, and sink your teeth into The Boy, the followup to her first paranormal novel in The Sanctum Trilogy, The Girl. The Boy will be released in late May, and the exciting news is you can sign up for a giveaway of both novels right now! (Self-plug: I’m also giving away ebook copies of my first novel, Contract of Defiance, through May for new members of my newsletter crew. Sign up here.)

Madhuri is a Jersey City Heights girl via Snellville, Georgia, who writes paranormal fiction and is slightly infatuated with tattoos, four-inch heels, ice cream, Matt Damon, scotch, Doc Martens, Laini Taylor, photo booths, and dancing like a fool.

She’s currently working on The Sanctum Trilogy and hopes one day soon everyone is walking around with a copy of The Girl in their pocket or on their Kindle. She wants to get a goat and a burro, but since she lives in the city, she will settle for some chickens. To learn more about her, you can follow her on her blog or on Twitter, or like her on Facebook. She’s totally chatty so drop her a line any time.

The Girl

unnamedThe Sanctum, a governing body entrusted to maintain the peace amongst Magicals and ensure the ignorance of humans, has been corrupted by greed and savagery for generations, and is all Wyatt Clayworth has ever known.

Dev, the hybrid demon prophesied to destroy The Sanctum and end the world for Magicals and humans alike, is not what Wyatt expected to find when sent out on his latest mission. Believed to be hunting a killing machine, Wyatt finds little more than a broken girl with haunted eyes and a death wish. Drawn to one another for reasons they cannot begin to explain to themselves, much less anyone else, Wyatt is determined to protect Dev and help her avenge the deaths of her family at the hands of The Sanctum.

Set against a backdrop of New York City, THE GIRL is “outstanding, original, complex, deep and intoxicating,” a “well written, unique…fast-paced read” that begins as one girl’s simple quest for revenge and evolves into a complicated tale of trust, friendship, honor, and love.

In THE GIRL, Madhuri Blaylock introduced readers to the world of The Sanctum, one corrupted by greed and savagery and hellbent on achieving a single goal: destroying the prophesied hybrid. When one of its most celebrated warriors questioned his allegiances, age-old secrets were unveiled and violence erupted. The journey becomes more perilous and intense as the trilogy surges forward with…

The BoyThe_boy_final

Can you cross the plains of death, collect every piece of your soul, and make it back to the land of the living?

And if you complete the journey, will your loved ones welcome your return?

The Ramyan have been answering such questions since the creation of The Sanctum. A mysterious sect of Magicals, haunting the blank spaces of time and memory, they serve no one but themselves and their higher purpose. They exist on a plane removed from earthly matters, shifting easily between the living and the dead, moving in time to the beat of their own drummer.

At least they did. Dev and Wyatt change all of that when the prophesied hybrid lands on the steps of Rinshun Palace, seeking help for the wounded Class A Warrior. That decision alters lives and sets old agendas back on course. But at what cost to Dev and Wyatt? And does that really even matter?

The Girl is for sale on Amazon. And don’t forget to sign up for Madhuri’s giveaway here.

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